Two color letterpress plus one metallic holographic foil print. Upwards (2015) inspired by the ride, which is a journey of wandering up and around.
 Inspired by optical illusions, the 2014 Tour Poster is an abstract, artistic representation of a bicycle, using motion and repetition. Created as a poster measuring 24x18 printed three-color on Plike. The artwork was created into tshirts, photobooth, marketing materials, buttons and keychains.
 Balance (2014) Objects in motion: abstract, harmonized, balanced. 
 Gold Bicycle (2013) Inspired by architecture and sculpture, this poster embodies the concept of the bicycle as a sculptural and kinetic art form that transports the character and essence of our city and environment. 
 Build (2012) A random selection and orientation of bike parts broken down into the forms, pieces and materials it takes to build the structure. 
 Infinite (Interbike 2011) Influenced by the first patented diagram sketch of the human velocipede. An invention, centuries old, with a solid form and purpose allowing for a future of infinite possibilities in design, manufacturing, interpretation, art, and traveling unto limitless lengths.  
 Pavement (2011) As if you were the trusty pavement that lies beneath a smooth ride.
 Momentum (2010) Gaining speed, motion and repetition.
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