Anne Ulku


Six word story every day

daily story telling collaboration

A collaborative personal project, the idea for Six Word Story Every Day was based of a well-known Ernest Hemingway story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This story was said to be the most meaningful, shortest story ever written —and one of Hemingway’s greatest works. Together with writer, Van Horgen, we created our own stories, using six words, design and typography, every day for an entire year. The project became an exploration of words, text, typography, design, interpretation and story telling. After a year of creating a story every day, the project continued on to be open to the creative community. Writers and designers would submit their own personal six word stories and designs. Stories were curated every day to post again for an entire year. Est. 2010




a weekly dose of poetry

A collaborative personal project, creating and publishing a weekly visual haiku, written by Michael Derus. The Japanese art form of Haiku writing consists of a 17 syllable poem. The essence of writing Haiku is juxtaposition, in which two images or ideas come together. Keeping within this structure, these poetry stories came from an inspiration of daily life and light-hearted humor, with visuals that were a blend of design and typography; symbols, pattern and art.  Est. 2011




fashionable daily infographics

A personal experimental project of infographics representing a blend of fashion, design, color and form. Each day, hues of the clothing I wear is expressed through geometric vector form and color. The size of each color represents its proportion in comparison to other hues present on that day. Each month, a new theme and composition is released to display and visualize the hues together. Est. 2009

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