Anne Ulku


More With Less

In honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2015) I thought I would dig through some of my poster archives.

Here is Do More With Less—reminding you to do just that. To reuse and recycle, to create things out of limited items, to find a way to use less and consume less. 

Also, let me demonstrate that you can do more, with just this one single poster! By trimming off the sides of the poster, following the dotted lines, you you can cut out your very own postcards. It's a poster, it's a postcard—it's all in one! It's more with less!

Enjoy! And Happy Earth Day, to this beautiful planet of ours. Where every day should be Earth Day—but it's days like this that allow us to think more deeply about our majestic Earth. Perhaps a chance to realize, that we should all Do More With Less. (wink)

Check out more posters I have done, here. Stay tuned for posters, coming soon, for sale, in my shop!