Anne Ulku


Creative Pints

One of the great joys about our city is the involvement and opportunities for creating and showcasing your own work. I’ve proudly been a part of quite a number of exhibitions here in Minneapolis, and various other cities. It’s one of the favorite parts of my “job.” I get to create art, produce it into something physical and then offer it to others to not only enjoy, but also own for their own collection or walls. Also, as a designer and illustrator, it allows me to experiment and create new things that are totally me, and not something that is briefed or controlled by a client. 

The Posters and Pints show started in 2014 as a way for the local beer community to come together with the creatives. Artists were asked to make an art print poster about beer. 

Last year I made a poster titled “Cheers." 

A two-color screen print on French Paper in Speckletone Oatmeal.

Printed by Erik Hamline at Steady Print Shop. Cheers!

I had a brainstorming session as I was trying to figure out what make for the 2015 show. And of course, over a beer, I started sketching random things, attempting to come up with something amazing. 

But was intriguing to me, was that process. That occurrence of all the random ideas that come to mind and don’t come to full fruition. I enjoyed the way that the more beer I went through, the crazier and weirder and more fun the ideas could potentially get. 

It is this process that was interesting to me. The way a couple of drinks can really fuel some great ideas. It’s actually a scientific proven fact that drinking alcohol induces imagination, ideas and creative problem solving solutions.  

So my poster, titled ”Creative” was that—a bunch of random creative brainstorm ideas fueled by a pint(s).

The poster, measuring 12x16” was a little smaller than I usually do, but I wanted it to be more of an intimate piece. It’s a one-color letterpress print on 165lb Neenah Classic Crest in Solar White, printed by Studio on Fire


Opening night of the show was May 30th, 2015. Now, until the end of June, the collection of 40 posters will be for sale in their online shop. And after that, I’ll have them up for sale in my very own shop