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Summer Emojis

It's been a whirlwind summer, but it's been great. Lots of good changes, lots of good work, lots of fun things going on. I thought I'd illustrate my summer adventures through emojis. Also in honor of announcing a little project I worked on with Target for their summer campaign. I illustrated 40 new emojis for use by Target for some fun emoji banner ads. Check out a more in-depth look at the project on my site: Target Emojis.

But in the mean time, my summer has be filled with:
sunshine, moving, drinking beer, hanging with my dog, getting up very early with my dog, sweating and running with my dog, spending time with family, hanging with my nephews (plus getting one new nephew), hanging with my dog more, eating good food, drinking more beer, swimming in sunshine, going to my cabin, with my dog too, going on my cabin boat, sunsets, bonfires, more good food, fresh things from my grandmas garden, hanging with friends, eating icecream, with my dog too, more sunshine more beers, more good food and celebrating/adjusting to a big new change in my life. 

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