Anne Ulku



I made this poster in 2011 for a large exhibition called Interbike. It was a selection of artists chosen from around the world to display posters at this large bicycle convention. For this show I created Infinite, which was meant to be an abstract, artistic version of my dream bicycle.

I was influenced by the first patented diagram sketch of the human velocipede and was inspired at how revolutionary the idea was. The centuries-old invention had solid form and purpose to allow for a future of infinite possibilities in design, manufacturing, interpretation, art and travel. This new diagram is of a revolutionary bicycle, portraying kinetic art, expression and possibility.

What is cool to me is the process. I started by sketching a simple and basic bike form very loosely with bits of detail and movement. From there I make lots of pieces, shapes, pattern, lines, curves, etc in the computer and start combining and overlapping them to fit within the bike form. I’ll completely over-complicate things and create a hodgepodge of messy—but will eventually start taking away bits and pieces to simplify and balance.


The print is a 4-color screenprint on French Pop-Tone Whip Cream paper, measuring 18x24. Printed by Steady Print Shop Co. 


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