Anne Ulku


2015 in Review

I'm pretty late to the train [ok, very late] to go on about great things that happened last year. Since December, I have been meaning to do a post about all my favorite projects that I worked on in 2015. Even though we're already months into 2016, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to highlight some of what I had been up to all [last] year. 

PF Changs
I spent the last bit of 2014 and into 2015 working on refreshing the popular asian restaurant chain PF Changs. I brought in a lot of new elements to their branding including photography, language, textures, color, typefaces, iconography, art, design as well as numerous concepts for a campaign. 

View Master
Remember the old View Master toy from our childhood? I got to work on rebranding that, as Mattel was re-releasing it with a whole new purpose and a bunch of new functions. Lots of exploration in that logo design.

Juno Active
Plus-sized women feeling the love, power and confidence to wear fashionable athletic and sport gear, with the newly launched Juno Active.

Target Emojis
Summer time story telling with new emojis for Target.

Ecolab is all about sustainability, and I helped to create elements for their sustainability report in a more enticing way through illustrations and infographics.

Riverfront Fest
Minneapolis has a lot of Mississippi riverfront. In order to bring more life to the areas and parks surrounding, the Riverfront Fest held a great event with food, beer and activities.

A new mattress that supports and gives back, and not only for you, but for others too. I made some instructional icons to go along with the brand new, easy way to ship and unpack your DreamBed mattress. Was also featured on Ellen!

Firefly Sisterhood
Here and there for the past couple years, I’ve been making various things with Firefly Sisterhood—a mentoring organization for those who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A couple favorites from this year have been a birthday card, as well as some designs for a social gathering event called Illuminight. 

Break Rules Beautifully
I designed, lino-cut and lino-printed some posters for an exhibition show about typography titled Break Rules Beautifully.

I created a Bible-themed illustration for the Old and New Project reflecting a passage about being anointed for burial.

Baby Shower Invite
My little sister had a baby!

My Garden Goddess
Local artistic and personalized gardening business was branded to be My Garden Goddess.

Peace Coffee
A calm and collected still-life poster for Peace Coffee.

It was the year I made more infographics than ever before. Some highlights being energy use in California, a trendy new hot sauce Gochujang, Smuckers and peanut butter sandwiches, oral health with Listerine, the importance of special education teachers, and a holiday perk-up with Folgers.

Another year of Artcrank in the books! This year was about the upward adventure it takes to climb and coast. Plus it was letterpresses and sparkle metallic foiled. 

Hopic Prints
Local handbag designer launch of a new business and brand—Hopic Prints.

A new t-shirt design for the love of Minnesota with The Shirt Show. For sale!

Future Space
An illustration for a podcast that talks about the future—this, being the future of space. Also making some big plans for this illustration concept and elements. More to come in the new year!

I started working with embroidery. Here are a bunch of abstract shapes that took me a long time so far. 

Pirate Party
My nephews share a birthday month so we put on a big pirate bash, treasure map invitation and all!

Thanks Gathering
A logo for SC Johnson Thanksgiving campaign in which they were giving away money to fly individuals home to see their family—Happy Thanksgathering. 

Playful Ice Cream
Some fun treatments for a reimagined ice-cream brand. New brand to launch soon.

Pixie Dust
Local talent placement agency Pixie Dust was looking to refresh their brand. New site and blog to launch soon.

Breast Cancer
Poster for breast cancer awareness through Kill Kancer organization. 

The launch of Guroo, a friendly database of health care costs. 

A reimagined Flaming Lips cover for the collaborative project Futuralbum

A poster on creativity and how a pint might help out with your process—for the Posters and Pints show.