Anne Ulku


Spam Can

Coloring is so hot right now.  I've always loved it as a kid and now it's seeping into adulthood everywhere. Adult coloring books could totally be its own genre—but in reality, it's just detailed, patterned coloring books that adults enjoy doing for relaxation. 

You know what else is hot? Spam! Being from Minnesota, Spam always has a special place in my heart. But really only the concept of it—I've never even tried it. Shame.

But I was flattered when I was asked to work with Hormel on a Spam project. Spam goes on tour every year around the country to show their appreciation to fans, chefs, veterans—all the people who make Spam an ongoing trend. As a part of the tour, they have promo booklets they give away to hundreds of thousands of fans. Included are recipes, chef spotlights, artwork, and coloring pages!—by yours truly. 

The coloring pages were created to highlight and illustrate some fun ways you can use reuse and repurpose your Spam tin can. From planters to a banjo, I put my ideas into detailed environments meant to come to life with the help of your colors. 

Here are some of the ways you can reuse your Spam cans:

Put magnets on the back and use them as desk organizers on a magnet board.

A trendy coffee shop uses them as hanging lights over the coffee bar.

A Spam band uses the cans to make music—a banjo, drums and a cowbell.

Potted plants and herbs in cans are a perfect addition to the garden.

Stacking blocks, buildings, containers and cars by adding wheels—they're perfect for play and toy storage.

Here's one I colored for a camping excursion, using the cans for bowls or coffee mugs—just add a handle!

Hope this inspires you to: 1) color 2) eat Spam 3) reuse your Spam can and/or 4) visit the Spam tour *OR 5) hire me to illustrate a coloring book for you ;)

Check out when the Spam Tour will be in your city and pick up your very own book!