Anne Ulku


Artcrank June 4th

I am so humbly honored to be a part of another Artcrank show this year. I've been involved with Artcrank for the past six years, with this one being my ninth bike poster creation. My excitement for the show and having the opportunity to be included never dulls. 

It's intriguing to challenge myself every year to do something a little different and more experimental than the last. Being able to create art from my random thoughts, to produce that into something that people can take home with them, is invigorating. 

My focus and inspiration this year stem's from a broad look at celestial space theories, time bending travel, scientific, mathematical and abstract interpretations of physics and movement. The bike as a machine, is such a concrete, specific and practical form of technology. Yet...the actual physics of a bicycle still remains a mystery.

It's an extraordinary machine. One that continuously passes through time and space into new dimensions.

Continuum (2016) An exploration of form, physics and theory of time and movement. The bicycle is a structured yet mysterious machine that transports, bending space and time into new dimensions of peripheral surroundings.

Here are some initial sketches and a bit of process. Also check out some highlights and process from past years here: Artcrank Memories.

I wanted the printing of the poster to reflect the abstract thinking and idea of the concept.  I was willing to be experimental with paper or print process. With the help of Erik at Steady Print Shop Co, we decided on using a white flood on a copper foil paper—printed inverse so the foil comes through as the artwork. I love the the shiny, reflective, dimensional results—which looks much more awesome in person.

If you're in Minneapolis, be sure to check out the event and pick up some posters. There's a huge mix of talented artists involved this year and it's always a good time.

I'm sad to miss the event this weekend, but I'm on a flight right now to sunny hot California wine country to celebrate both my birthday and my friends bachelorette!

Here are the details. Enjoy!

4 to 10 p.m. Saturday, June 4
Fulton Brewery
2540 Second St. NE, Minneapolis