Anne Ulku


And Then I Woke Up

I'm starting a number of new project series. One is on dreams. Sometimes I remember them. And so I thought I'd treat it as a quick warmup sketch every morning. Will do my best to explain.

I was walking up to the stairs that led to the bottom of the pyramid but all I could concentrate on was the footprint patterns in the sand from everyone's hiking shoes. My phone rang and then I woke up.

There was a very large bug or lizard animal in the house. It was florescent orange and blue like a rubber fishing bait. There was a huge spike ball on the end of the long tail. The house was filled with wood paneling and was so neutral like on the set of a 70s sitcom. I started rolling on the ground, the bug was chasing me. I reached the end of the room and then I woke up. 

I was in the park with my dog. A squirrel ran straight into my dogs mouth and jumped around inside his belly. A squirrel ran up my pant leg and then I woke up.