Anne Ulku




Another year older and feeling ever more passionate about the interests I have, the future I will become and the choices I will have moving forward. I've had some tough years, and will for sure have way more tougher ones to come, but feeling forever grateful for what I have built and what I will be. 

I've been trying to define who I am and what my purpose is more and more. An exercise (inspired by a friend of a friend) that will help me to continue evolving. WHAT do you do. HOW do you do it. WHY do you do it. Here are some of my Things.


I create.
By being curious.
Because I want to flourish and evolve. 

I bring meaning.
By creating familiar and curious connections.
To allow myself and others to live a full life of interests.

I create my evolving narrative.
By being curious about many things.
Because I want to know everything there is to know so I can engage others.

I ground myself and build a framework for understanding the worlds details.
By learning and being curious about many things and sharing them in simple understandable ways.
Because I want to help make way and build upon a well rounded and positive future for the new. To be a part of forming a human existence that continues to evolve.