Anne Ulku


Daily Type


For the first time, I’m participating in the 36 Days of Type challenge. I’ve done a lot of challenges and typographic exploration in my past but for some reason have never been a part of this one.

I’ve started to work with some more raw and handmade type while allowing myself to be free and explore expressive ways to create forms. I’ve always been really interested in art and letterforms, and this seemed like a great way to push the concepts further, and yet closer together in relation to each other.

We’re about half-way through. I’m doing all the letters, but not always posting them on their specific assigned day. The challenge is more for myself, than for the showmanship of the hashtag and feature component.

Each individual letter is created with ink and brush, I record a time-lapse process, and then I post them all together on my wall. Most updates to instagram stories, and once in a while will post a few in my feed. Follow along on my instagram highlight feed