Anne Ulku



This year is the celebration of 10 years of Artcrank. The show and organization has always had a special place in my heart

For this years show there are no new posters, but a collection of revived posters from over the past 10 years. One of my past prints—and one of my favorites—Pavement, was chosen for the anniversary show. It sold out back in 2011 when it was originally created, so I had an edition of reprints made this year. 

Original Pavement concept sketch

Original Pavement concept sketch

The story behind the poster:

I got the idea from when I was living in a small studio apartment. To save space, I would hang my bike on the wall vertically. Always seeing it this way got me thinking about new perspectives of the bike.


Posters are available for sale tonight at Fulton Brewery in Minneapolis. It is sure to be a great celebration of so many great works of art from locals. 

*Update 8/11/17: Posters are for sale on for a limited time.