Anne Ulku


Weird Design

I'll be hosting a type-making workshop at the Mia for Design Night with AIGA. The night is about design and art, and there is a panel discussion on the topic of "Make Design Weird Again." 

We are living in some weird times. Especially in our dystopian political culture, we need something to help disrupt, reflect or support our weirdness, uncomfortableness and reactions to these times. I believe art and design should align with this abstractness. Out with the trendy, minimalism and clean design because we are feeling much more than this. Help disrupt the norm. Bring more emotion and expression into design.

For our type-making workshop (in collaboration with Chank Diesel), we're giving space to create weird and unique letterforms. Allow it to reflect you, your personality, your reactions, your desires. Come join and make some type with us!


This was a test sheet I made from the art store of some new pens and colors provided at the workshop.