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Future Space

I'm inspired and obsessed of the novelty of thinking about our future. Not just tomorrow or next year—but what will happen with humanity in hundreds of years from now, or even a thousand years from now. How will we interact with eachother, how will we get from one place to the other, and how many other places outside of this earth will we be exploring or inhabiting. Or, will we still be here? I can't say I have any real thoughts on it because I just can't think that far in eloquent ways. But I can react and riff off of, and try to imagine it compared to life as we know it now, and what has happened in the past. 

I watch very little TV, since I don't have one—but still maintain access to streaming shows, on Netflix mostly. Hatch and Catch Fire series, based in the 80s about the development and visionary innovations of the computer. Thinking about how just twenty/thirty some years ago were developments in creating a small personal interaction with you computer. And look at how far we've come today. A mass number of humans carry a personal device everywhere they go with them. A way to escape, be connected and know a part of anything in the world—at any time.

Black Mirrors [on Netflix]—a said, near future of our existence. At most times almost depressing views of what and where our society is headed. I also just finished watching Continuum—a glimpse into what our world will be like seventy years from now, and some time travel. Without going into too much detail—those are just a few I've been enjoying lately that have make me think beyond our time. Not sure how much it relates to me or us right now, but it gives a big picture, overall glimpse of thought into what this life, this planet, this universe is.

That's a long intro to what I am writing about. Because what I wanted to note is a new podcast I discovered called Future Is. Just some discussions and comments on some things about the future. One reason I was drawn to it was, of course, because there was a way I could contribute. Wade and Ryan developed a nice platform (and a nice website) to display their findings, and have asked artists and designers to get involved. So I reached out and was offered to create something for their Future Is: Space episode. Oh yea!

So here I present to you, my Space idea. It's abstract, and maybe not as futuristic as I would really think—but it's my interpretation, right now. Be sure to check out their new podcast, their website, and go ahead and download a desktop or phone version of this design I made. And if you're creative, get in touch and create something cool for them.

To: the future! 

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