Anne Ulku


Large Scale

I'm currently working on a new mural design. More on that to come in the next few months. But it got me thinking about how much I enjoy doing large scale work. As the piece becomes a part of the environment, a permanent fixture encased into the architecture. And it's always rewarding knowing people will be passing by it daily. I thought I'd take a bit to go through the very few pieces I've done over the years. Hopefully this is a growing collection. 

One of my first projects was based on a collaborative side project I worked on in 2010, every day for the whole year. It was called Six Word Story Every Day. My writing partner would write a story containing six words, and I would design and illustrate it. It became an experimentation and exploration of typography and story telling. While just releasing through blog posting, I had gotten an opportunity to go larger. Over the course of about 2 months and some generous volunteer help, I transformed one of the 900 pixel wide stories onto a large 60 foot by 20ft tall exterior brick wall.

Without Darkness there is no Light, St. Paul Minnesota, 2010
Writer, Van Horgen. See more about this here: Without Darkness.

I partnered up with Comcast for their annual Comcast Cares Days. They had chosen to do some volunteer work at a local urban elementary school. Some motivational words and splashes of colorful paint brightened up their wall space.
See more about this here: Comcast Cares

Working with local PR firm, Tunheim, I created a mural for their newly remodeled space. A piece that represented who they were—diverse, collaborative, connected, dynamic, and global. 
See more about this, and a time-lapse video of the process here: Tunheim Mural

And here are some other very random mid-to-large scale works. Tape, chalk, paint, wood, etc.