Anne Ulku


Breast Cancer

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

New poster for breast cancer awareness. 

There were a couple ideas that came about for this poster concept. I wanted to take a more abstract approach rather than stats or infographics—something to hang on a wall as a piece of art. 

Here's a bit of my process in coming up with a concept with rough sketches.

Concept 3—the side boob, was the chosen direction to pursue. It also related back to a stat, without being to infographic-like. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer—so the idea was to do eight side boobs.

From there, I vectorized the sketch and started to play around with color and pattern. 

Simpler solids were working better, I thought. Too much pattern was becoming too much. The print was to be 18x24 screenprinted. I was a tad skeptical about the ink coverage of the darker colors when they were to be printed—so I also tried to work with very subtle pattern to break up the inking a bit. (below)


Turns out the printing would be just fine and we were able to stick with the solid coverage.

The final was a 3-color screenprint (printed by Steady) on French Poptone Whip Cream.

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