Anne Ulku


Type Tells Tales

Work published in Type Tells Tales: a book by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson about type taking center stage as an expressive voice of its own.


So proud to see the work we created for the Travelling Font Salesman book included amongst a number of inspiring projects and designers. Like a few of my favs: Paula Scher, Marian Bantjes, Milton Glaser and Werner Design Werks

Travelling Font Salesman is written by Peter Hajinian, designed by Anne Ulku, showcasing the fonts of Chank Diesel. It's a collection of short stories from the perspective of a door-to-door salesman of fonts. It's a vibrant art book containing a variety of his travel experiences, simple moments, personal encounters, emotions, observations and thoughts—while showcasing expressive type using an array of different colors, layouts, sizes and designs.

Published by Thames & Hudson.

You can purchase The Travelling Font Salesman on Amazon. Or check out more spreads on my website

You can purchase Type Tells Tales on Amazon.