A few of my favorite snaps as of lately with a lot of focus on textures. Follow along with more Instagram stories @aulku 

Snaps ranging from my home in Roseville to the parks surrounding it, to new trinkets, art and decor for the home, to coffee shops downtown and sketchbooks.


Fall is here. Happy fall. There are so many creatures running around. I've discovered just how many woodland animals live in my new yard. Like turkeys, deer, cats, so many squirrels and really loud squawking crows.

Visual Features

I have been sorting through a lot of work latelyโ€”editing down, curating, repurposing, discovering, recreating. I'm trying to sort through who I am and what work I've done and what I'd like to present to the world. It's an overwhelming task. I have done so much work. It's hard to disregard some things you have such a strong connection to, and it's hard to show something off that you may not feel that proud of or happy about where the project ended up.

So I've decided to start curating through some of my own work. Bringing together pieces that may have never been seen together. And also hone in on specific things I've done that I am happy withโ€”with some things that have never seen the light. It excites me to be able to browse through so much and group things together, to see how different some of my styles can be but also see how they could all fit together cohesively.

The only reason I'm calling them Visual Features is because I couldn't think of something better at this moment. And also, I've had a British accent stuck in my mind pretty much for the past five months and have started to cling onto quite a few specific words in my special twist of an accent. These are two of those words. 

And Then I Woke Up

I'm starting a number of new project series. One is on dreams. Sometimes I remember them. And so I thought I'd treat it as a quick warmup sketch every morning. Will do my best to explain.

I was walking up to the stairs that led to the bottom of the pyramid but all I could concentrate on was the footprint patterns in the sand from everyone's hiking shoes. My phone rang and then I woke up.

There was a very large bug or lizard animal in the house. It was florescent orange and blue like a rubber fishing bait. There was a huge spike ball on the end of the long tail. The house was filled with wood paneling and was so neutral like on the set of a 70s sitcom. I started rolling on the ground, the bug was chasing me. I reached the end of the room and then I woke up. 

I was in the park with my dog. A squirrel ran straight into my dogs mouth and jumped around inside his belly. A squirrel ran up my pant leg and then I woke up.