Anne Ulku
Design • Art Direction • Illustration • Lettering



There's an Artcrank show coming up this summer and they'll be celebrating 10 years of bike posters. For the show a bunch of poster favorites will be coming back from past years. While this is not one that will be coming back (more to come on what will), I wanted to highlight a bit of the process and showcase the amazing printing done by Studio on Fire. 

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I made this poster in 2011 for a large exhibition called Interbike. It was a selection of artists chosen from around the world to display posters at this large bicycle convention. For this show I created Infinite, which was meant to be an abstract, artistic version of my dream bicycle.

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A few of my favorite snaps as of lately with a lot of focus on textures. Follow along with more Instagram stories @aulku. Snaps ranging from my home in Roseville to the parks surrounding it, to new trinkets, art and decor for the home, to coffee shops downtown and sketchbooks.

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