Anne Ulku


Future Space

I'm inspired and obsessed of the novelty of thinking about our future. Not just tomorrow or next year—but what will happen with humanity in hundreds of years from now, or even a thousand years from now. How will we interact with eachother, how will we get from one place to the other, and how many other places outside of this earth will we be exploring or inhabiting. Or, will we still be here?

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Summer Emojis

It's been a whirlwind summer, but it's been great. Lots of good changes, lots of good work, lots of fun things going on. I thought I'd illustrate my summer adventures through emojis. Also in honor of announcing a little project I worked on with Target for their summer campaign.

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Riverfront Fest

I am happy to be a sponsor of the 3rd annual Riverfront Festival. The free event is taking place Friday July 31st, at Ole Olson Park in Minneapolis and is run by the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership, a nonprofit organization that is helping to revitalize the Mississippi riverfront. 

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Jaxon Blue

Over the weekend was my puppy's first birthday. We really didn’t do much except a long walk, and I got him a giant bone and a bag of new special treats. That really was enough for him to be extremely happy. 

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Old & New Project

I don’t consider myself an extremely religious person. I was raised Catholic and grew up going to religion classes and church (on select holidays), but it hasn’t really been a huge part of my life. I have my own ways of inserting faith and spirituality into my life when I can and need it.

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